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  Fort Lowell Teams

Team Name Age Team Gender Coach's Name Coaches Email
Chivas Tucson Academy 07* U09 Boys Arturo Garcia
Dragons* U09 Boys Jason Garza
U8B FLSC Pickering (Gunners) U09 Boys Pickering/Bradstreet
COPAS* U09 Boys Rich Alvarez
Chivas Tucson Academy 06* U10 Boys Ramon Serrano
Arsenal 04 Boys* U11 Boys Jesus Muro
B05 Gunners Black* U11 Boys Jason/Matt Flores
Chivas Tucson Academy 05* U11 Boys Victor Perez
Chivas Tucson Academy 04 Blue* U12 Boys Edgar Gómez
04 Griffins* U12 Boys Matt bradstreet
Chivas Tucson Academy 03 Blue* U13 Boys Victor Perez
02 Chivas Tucson Academy* U14 Boys José Luis Leon
Chivas Tucson Academy 02 Blue* U14 Boys Victor Perez
Arsenal* U18 Boys John Clark
Chivas Tucson Academy 08* U08 Coed Ramon Morales
Eintracht Eagles 05* U11 Girls TBD
04 Arsenal* U12 Girls Mack Romero
Eintracht Eagles 04* U12 Girls TBD
Eintracht 03* U13 Girls Bernard Kraus
01 Lady Gunners Black* U15 Girls Jason/Matt Flores
Sabino Vista 01 Rebels* U15 Girls JJ Sicilian
Eintracht Eagles 01* U15 Girls Ozsie Murguia
Eintracht Eagles 00* U16 Girls Bernard Kraus
98G SWT U17/U18 Girls Moore
97G Arsenal* U18 Girls Sean Abrigo

* Spots Available


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